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EA Sports Cricket 17 PC Game Free Download

EA Sports Cricket 17 PC Game Full Version

Overview of EA Sports Cricket 17

EA Sports Cricket 17 is a cricket simulation computer game developed by HB Studios and published by Electronic Arts under the label of EA Sports. EA Cricket 17 is re-modified version of EA Sports Cricket 07 by Rofijee Studios. EA Sports originally developed his last cricket game in 2007. After that, many studios started modifying Cricket 07 game as the people loves to play it. It is a complete cricket game with new graphics, kits, logos and tournaments. Expanded features of Cricket 07 include improved player control and easy stroke play, along with the introduction of the Ashes section. There was also an addition on commentary as Mark Nicholas joined Richie Benaud. It also contains updated jukebox and 35 latest cricket related anthems are added in it. For complete features of EA Sports Cricket 17, see below section.

Features of EA Sports Cricket 17

  • Cricket 17 contains (12 Indians, 6 Pakistanis, 3 UAE, 3 Australian, 3 England, 2 South African, 2 New Zealand & 1 Stadium of Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh & Zimbabwe) Stadiums.
  • International Teams, A Teams, IPL, BBL, PSL, CPL,(Afridi & Misbah XI, Kohli & Dhoni XI), ICC Asia & World XI (ODI,T20,Test) & Admins XI Teams Included.
  • Tournaments Like  a) ICC World Cup (2015 & 2016), ICC Champions Trophy, Carlton Mid ODI/T20 Series, Cricket 17 Test Championship, Cricket 17 ODI/T20 Championship, Cricket 17 Champions & Super Leagues are Also Included.
  • Hard & Challenging Gameplay for 5 Star players.
  • Ball will Swing, Seam & Spin & CPU will Bat Aggressively.
  • Latest Kits, Faces, Logos, Fixtures etc are Also Included.
  • HD Game Menu & Exciting Cricket Music Jukebox (35 Songs).
  • Different Music Will Play During Match & On Every Boundary & Wicket.

Screenshots of EA Sports Cricket 17

Instructions For EA Sports Cricket 17

  1. First download the game via links given at the end of the post.
  2. Unpack or Extract the game folder with 7-zip or Winrar.
  3. Then follow the pictorial guide given in the game folder.
  4. Paste your desired fixture (T20 or 50 over world cup) in Cricket 17 folder & Play.
  5. There are 3 rosters (Squad) in Game, Load your desired roster (T20,ODI &Test) before playing any match or tournament.

Download Links For EA Sports Cricket 17

Size : 945 MB


  • If You Have Any Queries Related To This Game or Any Other Issue Then Feel Free To Comment on Any Post of Our Website.
  • If Any Links Found Broken or Expired Then Please Tell Us Via Comment on This Post.
  • If Game Works For You Then Take a Minute To Comment Your Feedback and Also Make Requests.

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  • Nazir Hussain

    Hello For ea cricket17 …ea cricket 07 required or not.?

    • Syed Shan

      No Bro Just Unpack or Unzip The Download File and Play the Game

      • Aniruddha Gazi

        hyy what is the password to unzip the file. ?

  • Nazir Hussain

    Wow…wow …wow…
    Superb patch bro (cricket 17)…
    No words for this patch. ..its amazing…
    Hats of u bro…!
    Never seen patch like before…!
    Thank u so much for making this…
    Keep it up …!!!

    • Keep Visiting For Stuff Like This.

  • Dan

    Do we need to download batpack in order to play the game and can we create players in this game?

    • It Doesnot Require Any thing. Just Unpack or Unzip or Ectract The Files and Play the Game. There should be a Pictorial Guide To Know How To Plat This Game.

      • Dan

        Yeah I got it but, the batsman hits the ball before the ball reaches it.. How to remove it

  • Mashhood Naseer

    you are the champion
    a very good game
    thanks to entertain us
    and keep working
    love you all guys to make that game

    • Thanks, Keep Visiting For More Entertaining Stuff.

  • Mashhood Naseer

    please add the pull shot and solve the problem in shots.

  • Mashhood Naseer

    Please read it carefully the problems that realy occurs in the cricket 17 game:
    when i try to play pull shot.
    the batsman play sweep shot.
    and also solve the problem in domestic cricket like:
    1:Their is no ipl (all teams of psl,bbl,ipl are mixed and playing together and not original fixtures in domestic cricket..).
    2:no cpl and bbl in game.
    3:no world t20 in the game (World t20 and world cup 2015 are combined and fixtures are not original in world t20 and world cup).
    4:solve the overlays problems.Because when i copy some overlays menus in cricket 17 directry,but the game is run the overly that i pasted last.
    5:update a shots and add more shots beacause when i decrease or increase a difficuly the shots are not effected.
    6:Solve the stadiums issues in domestic cricket and international.Because when i tour of australia.i play fisrt match with ind in banglore etc stadium not play match with aus ?.
    Please solve these 6 big problems in the
    I hope you will quicly solve it
    It is the very best cricket game but their is these problems thats make it some bad impression.
    I hope you will understand.

    • admin

      Thanks For Your Feedback, All Tournaments Mega Game and Separate Game Will Be Posted As Soon As Possible on My Website. Keep Checking Regularly or Bookmark My Website.

  • Mashhood Naseer

    all upper shots like pull shot and off cut and pull throug the off side are not added
    please help and add it in the game.

  • Mashhood Naseer

    add the fine leg pull shot,third man shot,pull throgh off side(off cut)
    and ,make better mid on and mid off shots

  • Mashhood Naseer

    all problems that i dicussed with you are not fake its a major and real problems in the game
    Please make it better

  • Mashhood Naseer

    this time no error and bug in the game like( game stop workong)
    thats great
    the game keeps working for a long time
    thats realy good
    other cricket games got such problems game stop working,overlys errors.the
    game automatically quit.
    but in this game their is no such problem that i discussed first.

    • Keep Visiting and I Will Add More Cricket Games.

  • Abhijit Patil

    Sir ji gamke.exe error occured in cricket 17.plz tell the solution

    • Please Can You Post A Screenshot Because This Error Never Occured.

      • sangram

        After selecting the tournament, squad selection & Toss the game stops with a message Game.exe error.

  • Mashhood Naseer

    Please make a solution for shots
    otherwise its better
    add shots that i discussed with you

  • Mashhood Naseer

    Only full length shorts are added,short length shorts are not added

    • Bro Functionality Cannot Be Edited Like Shots.

      • Mashhood Naseer

        but In cricket 07 we play with all upper and lower lengths shots

        • Mashhood Naseer

          in this game why i do not play

          • Install This V.V.V Small File in Your Cricke17 Folder

          • Mashhood Naseer

            bro my problem is not solved
            if i copy some files from cricket 07 folder that helps in batting
            is it possible?

          • Mashhood Naseer

            can you tell me

          • Mashhood Naseer

            You make a game you do every thing about game
            so you can solve it

          • Mashhood Naseer

            Bro i solved it from cricket 17 settings>>controller settings>>Front foot/back foot >>auto

          • Mashhood Naseer

            Now no compliment for me
            its fine

          • Thanks, I WIll Post Some More Games So keep Visiting

  • Mashhood Naseer

    player editor realy works?

  • Mashhood Naseer

    when i play don bradman cricket 14 the error occur that is:
    lost connection of controller 1

    • Have You Downloaded From Our Site ?

  • Radha Sah

    Error occurs while extracting the file plzz help me..

    • Radha Sah, Extract It With 7-Zip Software Then Your Problem Will Be Solved.

  • Vidit Pawar

    how to download this

  • Vidit Pawar

    which link should i click
    please suggest

  • Vidit Pawar

    tell fast

  • nakul kain

    hello bro
    your game is stoped sudenly…….in this stage opnar batsman come in ground to play than this game stoped……….. and error in this atteched pic plz help me brother
    .reply fast and must

  • Shivankur Choudhary

    Greatest patch till now. Working fine. please add BBL, IPL, PSL, BPL, CPL AND other series to next release. and please release the next patch soon.

  • Aniruddha Gazi

    hyy what is the password to unzip the file ?

    • Shan Shah

      No, Password Needed .

  • akmal ammara

    pls help its says this file has been modified please download the patch from

  • Vishal Jamwal

    ea circket2017 exe application file is corrupted/deleted…..what should i do now ????
    can u upload application file only

  • Srikant Sinha

    should i have 2007 cricket ? is this patch or it is full

  • Rahat Islam khan
  • Abdul Haq Killedar
  • Roshan Kumar


  • arunraj vr

    I am not able to download. Can you please give me link download full version of cricket 17

  • Roshan Kumar

    how to delete a player for adding a new created player. My created player option in settings is not working pls tell me fast

  • Neeraj Rawat

    Unable to extract

  • Muhammad Adyan Khalid

    I downloaded Don Bradman 14 in my pc but when I play the game the keyboard control in the game doesn’t work. Please help.